Sea Slugs of Twofold Bay – Turemulerrer


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This 92 page soft cover guide is a labour of love of Jenny Allitt, a long time diver and admirer of the diverse marine life in Twofold Bay – Turemulerrer.

Part identification book, part nature journal, Jenny’s vibrant illustrations coupled with her observations on feeding behaviour, abundance, and location introduce the reader to some of the nudibranchs and other sea slugs they might encounter in this special place. Photos of each species in their natural habitat can help the curious diver or snorkeler identify and learn more about the slugs that crawl through the sand, live on the rocky reefs, or seek out food growing on wharf pylons throughout the bay.

It is Jenny’s hope that the reader can use the book to connect with the beautiful underwater world of Twofold Bay – Turemulerrer.


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