You may have been into our centre and seen the wonderful Teddy Couch that we inherited some years back, if you haven’t then it is time that you did.    The ‘Wishing Chair” was made by local South Pambula artisan Liz McLeod who was inspired by second hand love back in 2015.   She found a couch and collected the crazy knitted soft toys from various op shops and donated ones from mainly around the Bega Valley.

The Chair was first used at Oaklands with a sign instructing people to take a seat and make a wish and place a donation for the new Bega Hospital committee.   The chair made its way to the Eden Library for some time in the children’s section and also did a stint at Tura Beach Library too.  

The Eden Information Centre then took possession of the couch a few years back and always drawn admiration and amazement from the young and old that come into the Centre.    Pictures have been taken and sent around the world of our wonderful couch.   We decided to keep the original purpose of the couch going and have a sign on the couch with a donation tin that we donate to the Children’s ward at the Bega Valley Regional Hospital.     So the wonderful Teddy Couch is still giving thanks to Liz McLeod.

If you haven’t seen the couch, make sure that you call in and see it.   It will surely bring a smile to your face.