Here in Eden we have experienced the most incredible start to the Whale Season for 2020.  After a trying year of bush fires, followed by pandemic, its been wonderful to have the whales arrive en masse!

Just over a week ago we were privileged to experience a mega-pod of humpbacks stop by on their way down the “Whale Highway” en route back to their home in Antarctica.  The pod was positioned off Haycock Point (between Pambula and Eden) for a few days, and was estimated to have 80-100 whales in the group.  Whales have also been seen feeding, which is becoming a more regular sight in this area of the South Coast.  They generally feed on coastal krill (Nyctiphanes Australis) as well as small teleost fish (including sardines).  This year we have also had confirmed sightings of “bubble net feeding” which is a method of feeding that whales use at home in the Antarctic, but haven’t been thought to do anywhere else.  This method is not instinctual, it is actually a learned behavior, where the humpback whales work in a group, using vocalisations to communicate, as the whales use bubbles to coral a school of krill/fish.

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