After a series of circumstances created in early October by a building report completed on the Eden Wharf Building, Eden has now faced another huge blow with the full closure of the building and eviction of its tenants.

This building housed all public services at the Eden Wharf including the Sapphire Coast Marine Discovery Centre, local artist Anna Warren’s art gallery (Full Fathom Five), as well five very popular eateries.

After the year Eden has already suffered from with bushfires, floods and then covid, this blow was unimaginable and left 7 businesses with no choice but to close their doors, their businesses and lose their livelihoods.

Eden NSW natural harbour Twofold Bay

Community and volunteer groups immediately pulled together and held various meetings during the month of October involving the Eden Visitor Information Centre, Eden Chamber of Commerce, Eden Recovery & Resilience Alliance and Eden Community Access Centre, as well as concerned members of the community.  These parties worked hard on various issues, including but not limited to, lobbying for the rights of the tenants as well as solutions to the problems created by the closure of this building.

Of immediate concern, was the total lack of services currently available at the Eden Wharf as well as the impacts this would have on the existing eateries of Eden already struggling with limited seating capacities due to covid.  So the Eden Visitor Information Centre (with the support from the other community groups listed above) applied for a temporary licence from Crown Lands for sections of the Wharf to be utilised for food trucks / coffee vans, which we hope to have in place by the second week of November, and which we anticipate will remain in place throughout the busy Summer and Easter periods.

Eden NSW natural harbour Twofold Bay

At this stage, we wish to impress upon our visitors that Eden needs you now more than ever!  We still have many eateries still open (see full list here), fresh seafood still available to purchase down at our Wharf area, and plenty of things to see and do in and around Eden.  Our beautiful coastal wilderness has recovered from fires and is ready to see you, with almost all areas of surrounding National Parks now open for visitors including the full Light to Light Walk.  our endless stunning beaches have sand ready for you to wriggle your toes in, our crystal clear turquoise waters are waiting for you to to swim, surf and snorkel in, and our business owners and accommodation providers are counting the days to welcome you back through their doors.  So please be patient with us, but don’t forget us!

See You Soon!

Eden – A Natural Paradise