Exciting Times Ahead for Eden

Eden is moving forward even in these uncertain times.  There is a positive feeling in the town with businesses starting up and opening their doors, changing hands or moving to bigger premises.    Planning is moving forward for the Eden Fitness Trail, Barclay Sports Ground upgrade, all inclusive playground, Mountain Bike Trails and the Port of Eden Marina project.     The old Hotel Australasia site is progressing with the redevelopment of this site and the Welcome Centre at the wharf looks to be on track to be finished later this year.

Karen Lott from Sprout Cafe  has decided to open Sprout Eden Wholefoods after the great response from the community from the recent Market Space store. You will find a great selection of bulk foods.     The aim behind the store is to make a wider variety of products and unprocessed ingredients available to the community.   You are welcome to take in your own clean containers or use what they have in store.   Plans to expand the range of products and if you want something specific you only have to ask Karen to source it.   Local business Eden Ecos are sharing the shop space with Sprout and stock eco-friendly products and plastic alternatives.

Virginia Moschella has started up Art Classes through her new business Art4fun in Eden.  Virginia is also running different events such as exhibitions and competitions.  The photos that have been put up online of the class work are very impressive.

The Eden Gym has changed hands, had a name change and a huge makeover.    Now called Lees Gym.   New owners Lee James and Stephanie Robin have commenced a wide range of classes including mums & bubs, HIT &  HIT Step circuits, strength and core and more or sign up for some personal training sessions.   They will be selling Protein Powder and have an online clothing store with their own brand.  

South Coast Crystals are moving from a small shop in an arcade to a much bigger premises in the main street (between Sprout Cafe and Eden Discount Pharmacy) in Eden.   Along with their crystals they will be selling a large range of indoor plants.   Material and sewing machine repair shop has opened in the Twofold Arcade called Johnny’s.

So the future of Eden is looking bright despite the uncertain times that we are all going through.     We all need to SUPPORT the community, the businesses, community groups and projects that will all help to move the town of Eden forward.    We wish these new ventures all the very best for their futures and all of our Eden businesses too.   Remember to shop local and support a local business.